Fundamentally different approach to financial data

Xignite provides a new approach for companies to access and integrate large amounts of financial data, while using only the data they need. Using APIs that run on Xignite‘s financial data cloud, accessing financial data is much easier and cost effective with no need for infrastructure. The problem was that their brand did not communicate that Xignite was a technology company with a completely new approach. Xignite was not only looking to create a new website to increase conversions, but was also looking to reset its brand.

Working with the Xignite team, we established a new brand positioning the company as a modern approach to data acquisition. To increase conversions, we rethought the product demo structure and flow, and created a UX design that not only resonated with developers, but also with the business side of the organization to showcase the ease and power of Xignite‘s API build. After launch of the new site, use of the new API test app increased dramatically.

Home page (Parallax)
  • Landing page Integrated into site
    Support and registration page
    API catalog page
    User controlled animated infographics
    Client pages
    Product preview UX design and user flow